Kanye West's 'I Am a God' Spoofed By 'SNL' Star: 'I Am a Dog' (Video)

Jay Pharoah takes hilarious aim at the rapper's controversial song off the "Yeezus" album.
Jay Pharoah in "I Am a Dog"

According to Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah's latest spoof, Kanye West is not a god.

The stand-up comedian, who is recognized for his impressions of President Obama and Denzel Washington on the late-night sketch comedy series, is giving the rapper's single "I Am a God" from the Yeezus album a different spin with the hilarious parody "I Am a Dog."

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Taking the theme from West's "Black Skinhead" music video, Pharoah appears in the video wearing dog ears, walking other dogs, chasing after a mailman and sticking out his tongue while on a car ride -- all while he raps with lyrics like, "I am a dog, hurry up let me out the garage / Hurry up and give my balls a massage / 'Fore I start barking like Nicki Minaj."

To end his own rap game, Pharoah shouts "I'm the shit-zu!"

Meanwhile, the Association of French Bakers is also gaining notoriety with its response to "I Am a God," penning a letter scolding the rapper for the lyrics: "In a French-ass restaurant / Hurry up with my damn croissants."

The note reads: "This process, as you can understand, takes much time. And we implore the patience of all those who order croissants. You may be familiar with the famous French expression, 'A great croissant is worth waiting a lifetime for.' We know you are a busy man, M. West, but we believe that your patience for croissants will always be rewarded."

Watch Pharoah's parody below.