Kat Graham Hopes to Release New Album Soon, Talks 'Power' (Video)

Kat Graham has her eye on releasing a new EP later this year.

Following the release of the "Power" music video, which The Hollywood Reporter broke in July, The Vampire Diaries star visited the THR offices to preview the new music she's been working on.

“I think it’s always exciting for an artist to always create. It’s so exciting to work on something new -- I never stopped working on something new. I actually stopped recording because I wound up filling my catalogue dreams of this many records,” Graham says. “I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing for sure.”

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Graham has desires of potentially releasing another EP. “It highlights each [song] and gives them their spotlight. I’m hoping to release an album by the end of the year -- I definitely have enough material to.”

To hear the actress-singer describe her songs, “eclectic” was used as the banner term. “There are some records that are straight ‘90s, which I live in, and there are some that are super pop and there are some that are a bit more R&B,” she says.

Graham is also known to audiences as Bonnie Bennett, a role she has played for four seasons and counting on The CW’s Vampire Diaries. The differences between recording music and filming a TV show are leaps and bounds for Graham.

“As an actor or as an artist, you want to get to a point where there is an honesty in your work, and it’s not as filtered and it’s a bit raw. I’m slowly finding that in my music,” she says. “That’s why ‘Power’ is so great. It’s empowering -- it has a more vulnerable take [on girl power].”

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