Katy Perry Surpasses Justin Bieber for Most Twitter Followers

The pop star, whose third album, "Prism," was released on Oct. 22, claims more than 46.5 million followers on the popular social media site.
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Some 10 months after taking the Twitter title away from Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber is no longer the most followed personality on the microblogging site.

As of 11 a.m. PT on Nov. 4, pop star Katy Perry's handle has 46,547,769 followers while Bieber counts 46,518,669.

According to Mediabistro's All Twitter news blog, Perry will likely be the first personality to reach 50 million. Of course, how many of those followers are real or legitimately engaged is a subject of some debate as many celebrities' handles count fake or bot accounts among their many millions of followers. 

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One thing we do know, according to All Twitter's Shea Bennett, is that, "If history has taught us anything about number one placement on Twitter, it's that once you've been leap-frogged by another user you never get it back again."

Rounding out the top five most followed accounts, according to the website twittercounter.com, are Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Taylor Swift in spots three, four and five, respectively.

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