Kelly Rowland Gets Candid on Resenting Beyonce, Abuse in 'Dirty Laundry'

The former Destiny’s Child singer collaborates with The-Dream on her new track.
Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is getting brutally honest in her latest track, unveiled Wednesday on the singer’s official SoundCloud page.

The former Destiny’s Child member collaborates with The-Dream on the smooth R&B track titled “Dirty Laundry” -- and air it out, she does.

Rowland’s candid lyrics reveal prior resentments towards her former group-mate Beyonce, whose success as a solo artist skyrocketed following Destiny’s Child, as well as her involvement in an abusive relationship.

“It was very emotional. It took me days to record,” Rowland tells Billboard of the song. “I had to get past being so upset and actually sing the song, not sob through it. I always hope that my music can inspire someone, the same way other artists inspire me. Dream said, ‘I want to write you a record so that people will know exactly who you are, underneath it all.’”

The first verse of the song highlights the jealousy Rowland faced while watching Beyonce perform. “When my sister was on stage/killing it like a mother f--ker/ I was in a rage/ feeling it like a mother f--ker,” later singing, “Post-Survivor, she on fire/ Who wanna hear my bulls--t?”

In the second and third verses, Rowland opens up about an ex “hitting the window like it was me / And still it shattered/ He pulled me out and said ‘Don’t nobody love you but me/ Not your mama/ Not your daddy/ And especially not Bey.’”

Rowland and The-Dream are set to hit the road on their summer “Lights Out” tour beginning May 24 in Kansas City. For “Dirty Laundry,” Rowland says it will be just “me, a light and a mic. Stripped and honest.”

Listen to the track here.