Lady Gaga Unveils Eye-Popping 'ARTPOP' Artwork

Lady Gaga Artpop Album Cover - S 2013

Lady Gaga Artpop Album Cover - S 2013

The "art" in the phrase "album artwork" is rarely emphasized as much as when Lady Gaga is involved, and after meshing her body and a motorcycle on the Born This Way, a Gaga sculpture gives birth to a giant blue ball -- the world, perhaps? -- in the official ARTPOP cover, which was unveiled on Monday, Oct. 7.

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Gaga commissioned famed New York sculptor Jeff Koons to design the artwork, and Koons, in return, designed a whole new Lady Gaga, one which is nude, wearing her signature blonde wig and cupping her breasts. Behind the faux Gaga and the blue ball between her legs are mashed-up pieces of Sandro Botticelli's classic 1486 painting "The Birth of Venus," which depicts the disrobed goddess emerging from the sea as a grown woman.

"One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me!" Gaga posted on Twitter -- a line from her new hit "Applause" -- while revealing the album cover.

ARTPOP arrives on Nov. 11, while "Applause" slips one spot to No. 9 on this week's Hot 100 chart.