Lady Gaga Vomits Mid-Concert in Barcelona (Video)

Lady Gaga London Perfume Launch - P 2012
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Lady Gaga London Perfume Launch - P 2012

First Justin Bieber, now Lady Gaga.

A week after Bieber vomited onstage during his concert in Arizona, later tweeting "Milk was a bad choice," Gaga got sick mid-song at her Barcelona show. Ever the professional pop superstar, she threw up a total of three times with her back turned to the audience while singing "Edge of Glory." All the while, a backup dancer performed in front of the singer, in an apparent effort to shroud the display of sickness.

Gaga being Gaga, she had a sense of humor about the whole thing. Afterward, she tweeted a link to video, confessing, "I think I just cried a little watching that."

Warning: not for the faint of stomach.