Lady Gaga's Father: Bad Potato Led to Lower Restaurant Health Rating

Lady Gaga

"That doesn't make me feel good at all. ... Things are really different than they were 25 years ago. We don't have to all slice and hate each other anymore."

Lady Gaga's father took to Twitter to vent his frustration after his restaurant Joanne Trattoria was downgraded by the New York City Health Department.

Joe Germanotta claims that a bad potato in a storage bin during a health inspection led his eatery to receive enough violations for it to receive a "B" grade.

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"The inspector gave us 7 points for a bad potato in a storage bin on our health department inspection," Germanotta tweeted. "It wasn't being served to a customer, it was raw, and when the inspector pointed it out we threw it away. How many bad veggies do you toss?"

He claims the bad potato was with 40 good ones.

"Great story of NYC making progress, money and corruption," he added.

The "Born This Way" singer's dad then listed his other violations and excuses for all of them: five points for a potato peeler he says they were cleaning, five points for an ice scoop not being in a storage holder because it was in the dishwasher, two points for a hand-washing sign not being at the water station, which he said wasn't a sink.

Gaga's dad then posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of health department officials to his more than 51,000 followers and urged them to reach out to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whom he also tweeted.

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"Your DOH, Beth Torin, is corrupt. Hear my story? Joe Germanotta, we've met several times. One if your assts can find me," he wrote.

Germanotta's restaurant opened in February 2012 and has received multiple bad reviews.

New York City restaurants are required to post letter grades showing the results of health inspections. Points are assessed for violations. An "A" grade is given out to eateries with 0-13 points, a "B" grade is given to restaurants with 14-27 points and a "C" is given to those with more than 28 points. Grades lower than "A" can be appealed, and in those cases restaurants can post a "Grade Pending" card until the final score is doled out. It seems Germanotta took the "Grade Pending" option, as that's the rating listed on the health department website.

His tweets were originally posted last Wednesday, but he continued his rant today, tweeting a photo of "the filthy thermometer used by the health inspector."

This isn't the first time Gaga's father's restaurant had a bad health inspection. It reportedly received 42 violations, enough for a "C" grade, in October before getting an "A" a couple of months later.