Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans' Music Video Leak Hits the Web (Video)

UPDATED: The video that made it online is a leaked version; the finished piece will be released on Tuesday.

Maybe it defies the laws of nature, but Lana Del Rey's red-hot rise will suffer no cool down from the watery dive in her new video.

Newly released, the accompanying short for her song "Blue Jeans" sees Del Ray instead in a classic one-piece bathing suit, flashing her patented blend of emotionless allure as she devotes her heart to -- and then laments the breakup with -- a pursuant swimmer, played by Bradley Soileau. He also starred in Del Ray's video for "Born to Die."

Black and white and pulling focus throughout, the video rocks like a boat floating on a calm sea, better to peer deeply into Del Ray's unblinking eyes.

It's certainly a less provocative imagery than the single cover art for "Blue Jeans," which features a man's hand around her neck.

The video comes ahead of Del Ray's appearance on the March 22nd American Idol.

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