Lil Wayne Channels Hunter S. Thompson in 'Fear and Loathing'-Inspired Video

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Lil Wayne is as filthy as a pitcher with a nasty slider. In his new video for “No Worries,” the Dirty South rapper instructs a woman to “take your f---ing clothes off, let me see that Donkey Kong / Now swing your ass back and forth on my monkey bars.” He concludes by bragging, “I would talk about my dick, but man, that would be long story.”

All of this sexy talk plays out in the video that’s an unabashed homage to Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Who knew Dr. Gonzo resonated in hip-hop? Written in 1971, the famous stoner book was adapted for the silver screen by Terry Gilliam in 1998. Wayne may not have read the book but he surely saw the movie.

High as a kite on “sh-roomies,” puffing a joint via a long cigarette holder and wearing a beige bucket hat, Wayne is driving a red convertible in the desert when he picks up a bearded hitchhiker. The images are fuzzed and doubled, to indicate a trip, as he arrives in Vegas, where Wayne’s joined by his partner in crime, a character similar to Thompson’s deranged lawyer in the book and movie. In a hotel casino, the hopped-up duo hallucinates as the carpets move and slot machines flash and whir.

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Up in their room, it’s complete mayhem and debauchery. As Fear and Loathing fans well know, Thompson rarely left the room, flooding it and repeatedly making ridiculous room-service calls.

Wayne uses this tableau to update his thug-life vision of balls-to the-wall partying, complete with strippers and ho’s. Far less literate than Thompson’s savaging of the American Dream, Wayne nonetheless shares the Gonzo spirit of disillusionment. However, in the case of “No Worries” (which features Detail and is the second single from the rapper's forthcoming release I Am Not a Human Being II), what happens in Vegas doesn’t quite stay in Vegas.

Watch the video here.

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