Listen to Taylor Swift's "Style" in Target Ad

Taylor Swift The Giver Premiere - H 2014
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Taylor Swift The Giver Premiere - H 2014

Taylor Swift's new album 1989 will be released in just a few days (in case you've missed the nearly nonstop promotion), but fans can hear yet another track off the album in a Target commercial that debuted Wednesday morning.

Thirty seconds of "Style" soundtrack an ad for the deluxe Target edition of the album, which includes three extra songs and three songwriting voice memos.

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Over moving Polaroid pictures of Swift having fun in New York (carrying balloons around the city, blowing bubbles and twirling on a bridge, singing with friends, posing for photos while wearing a mask), she sings about someone with "long hair slicked back" and "a white T-shirt."

"And when we go crashing down, we come back every time," she continues. "'Cause we never go out of style."

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In addition to her big single "Shake It Off," Swift has so far released "Out of the Woods," "Welcome to New York," eight seconds of static and another song in a Diet Coke commercial. She's also been teasing lyrics to songs on the album on her Instagram account.

Who do you think "Style" is about? Perhaps a former boyfriend with the last name Styles?

1989 will be available on Monday.