Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Re-Release 'Can't Hold Us' as Follow-Up to 'Thrift Shop'

The duo began shooting a "crazy" video for their new single over the weekend.
Greg Nissen

Fresh off the success of their No. 1 song “Thrift Shop,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will release “Can’t Hold Us” as the next single off The Heist. Lewis confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the pair will re-release the track, which was previously unveiled as a single in August of 2011, as the official follow-up to “Thrift Shop.”

“It never really got pushed toward the current audience that we have or even the current audience that we had prior to ‘Thrift Shop,’” Lewis tells THR. “It came out a while ago and that was always a song that we felt had some radio potential and felt more like a single – it has this huge hook, it’s massive and anthemic. It’s probably one of the biggest songs, if not the biggest song, in the live setting for us to do… It was a conversation as to what we’re going to follow this up with but [this is] a natural fit to pursue.”

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There’s no confirmed drop date for “Can’t Hold Us,” however Macklemore and Lewis began shooting a video for the track over the weekend. “We’re going to fully go for it,” Lewis says. “And I think the video idea, which I can’t really share, is crazy. And hopefully makes for a video that’s equally entertaining to ‘Thrift Shop.’”

“Thrift Shop,” which is technically the fifth single off the pair’s independent debut album The Heist, landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week and has been certified platinum. Lewis is hopeful that the single, which was meant to counterbalance the more serious tone of the group’s prior number “Same Love,” will lead listeners to the entirety of The Heist.

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“We spent three years on the album,” Lewis says. “The flip side of having one song blow up huge is that you’re very very well known for that one song and you can only hope that it leads people to discovering all the other music that you spent the same amount of time on.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be touring this spring in support of The Heist. The group has also announced performances at Skate & Surf Festival in May and The Roots Picnic in June.

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