Madonna Fights Tears During 'Like a Virgin' Performance (Video)

The Teflon pop queen reveals her all-too-hidden vulnerable side during a concert in Berlin.
Madonna flashes in Istanbul.

It's hard to imagine Madonna breaking down in tears -- ever.

But the steely superstar appears unexpectedly on the verge of tears in video footage from her concert in Berlin, a pit stop on her MDNA tour.

Giving what is perhaps the most melodramatic, slowed-down, Tom Waits-esque version of "Like a Virgin" ever of all time, Madonna reaches down into her lowest registers, seemingly confusing the sexually-charged pop song with the death scene from Evita.

VIDEO: Madonna Flashes Nipple at Istanbul Concert

Still, it's a Tony-worthy performance following her previous attention-getting hijinks (nipple-baring, butt-mooning) and attacks on Lady Gaga.

Watch the video below (her apparent breakdown begins around the 3:15-minute mark).

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