Dr. Drew Issues Warning to Madonna Fans: 'MDNA' Could be Addictive (Video)

Dr. Drew MDNA screen grab L

Television host Dr. Drew Pinsky has taped a hilarious segment to promote Madonna's new album, MDNA (out today). 

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Holding the CD in a video clip posted on Monday, the addiction specialist warns that use of MDNA (the dance record, not MDMA, the popular club drug ecstasy) could result in "dramatic increase in heart rate," "overwhelming anxiety" and "spontaneous dancing" (he illustrates the latter by rubbing the image of Madonna's mouth on the album's cover art and then his teeth).

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Dr. Drew continues: "If you find yourself spiraling out of control with this product or while under the influence of it, please: plenty of fluids, call the appropriate authorities, get yourself to a hospital -- or the nearest pacifier."

Watch the video below: 

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