L.A. Kindergarteners Perform Madonna’s 'Vogue' (Video)

Kindergarten Vogue H-2012

These kiddos know how to move to the music.

Outfitted with hula-hoops, top hats and batons, kindergarteners from Olympic Primary Center in Los Angeles performed Madonna’s “Vogue” as their culmination, and to rave reviews to boot.

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According to one commenter on YouTube, the stars-in-training began the year as “shy English learners" who "bloomed into confident kindergarten graduates.” If true, the kids certainly have come into their own in a short amount of time.

Their teacher (and music coach) wrote online that the kids had been “little superstars” over the past year, and asked “what better song to celebrate it with than ‘Vogue’?”

We agree.

Watch the video below.