Madonna's 10 Best Reddit AMA Moments

Madonna Epix Madonna: The MDNA Tour Premiere - P 2013
Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Madonna Epix Madonna: The MDNA Tour Premiere - P 2013

On Monday afternoon, Madonna connected with fans on Reddit for a free-wheeling AMA session.

The Queen of Pop, who in March 2012 joined Twitter for one day to field queries about her MDNA album, answered questions that ranged from upcoming projects, collaborations and censorship.

THR compiled the highlights from the session:

1. A new album may be in the works

Again, not many details were divulged but Madonna shared that "there might be" a new album coming in 2014. "my creative juices are flowing....," she wrote, but don't expect a rock album. She later replied to another user's inquiry about whether she'd go that route: "full-on no," Madonna wrote.

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2. Her next project is "ambitious"

When Reddit user 94jump asked Madonna about her upcoming project, the 55-year-old was cryptic: "secretprojectrevolution artforfreedom. coming soon." When another asked about more specifics, Madonna explained that the "ambitious project .... deals with very controversial issues...both global and personal. im extremely passionate about it. it means more to me than anything i have ever done before." Just when will details of this new project come out? "in one week it wont be a secret," she wrote.

3. She'd like to work with Daft Punk

When a Reddit user relayed that Pharrell Williams had suggested at one point in time that the reclusive French pop duo Daft Punk produce for Madonna, she was all for it. "I would love to work with Daft Punk, just waiting for them to return my call," the singer wrote in her response.

4. Madonna: The Autobiography?

She seemed open to the idea of putting pen to paper and writing about her experiences and career, "but i feel like i need to live more of my life," Madonna wrote in response to a Reddit user's question. She did tease that "a short one is coming out in Harpers Bazaar."

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5. She hopes to direct another film

After stepping behind the camera for 2011 romantic drama W.E., which starred Andrea Riseborough, James D'Arcy and Abbie Cornish, Madonna has her eye on returning to directing in the near future, telling a Reddit user "thats next on my to-do list. direct a film."

6. She takes a stand against censorship

"Throughout your career you've taken a stand against homophobia, sexism, ageism etc. but what current issues drive you to voice your opinion creatively ?," asked Reddit user bazayer. "Censoring of artists, around the world," Madonna answered, saying, "for instance Pussy Riot." She stressed the importance of the artists' "responsibility to reflect society and have the freedom to express themselves."

7. She addresses the mixed reception for American Life

A user asked Madonna why she thought her 2003 album wasn't received well: "because i dealt with alot [sic] of controversial issues in it. i criticized american politics, the entertainment business in hollywood..i was in an angry mood when i was making it. maybe that came across. but i was in an angry mood when i made my last album too."

8. Frida Kahlo inspires her

Madonna expressed interest in making a film about the Mexican artist, "but one was already made." She revealed how important of a role Kahlo's art played for her: "she was the subject of her art all of her work is a self portrait and yet she shared universal stories and feelings by sharing her personal story," Madonna wrote. "also she was a freedom fighter and she lived a controversial life and was a survivor so i admire her life story and art the way she lived her life as well as her art."

9. She's not above tech issues on her DVDs

When a user asked Madonna if she's heard of the mastering issues on the MDNA World Tour DVD and Blu-rays in the Europe, the singer said she was "absolutely horrified" and promised that her record label was "looking into it." "i spent 6 months editing and doing the sound mix for the DVD the last thing I want to hear is that the fans arent getting the fruits of my labor," Madonna replied to another user.

10. Her last dream

A Reddit user asked about her last dream and Madonna had this to say: "Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream." Later, when someone asked about the last time she laughed, Madonna wrote: "the fact that i had a dream about brad pitt."