Madonna's Alleged Diss Track 'Not About Gaga,' Manager Says

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Mert Marcus

Yet another Madonna demo recording has leaked, but this time there's a twist.

The track "Two Steps Behind" is one of now more than two dozen demos from Madonna that have emerged on the web over the past few weeks. The song's surfacing — and earlier allegations of it being about Lady Gaga — prompted Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, to address the song directly on Twitter.

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"That song is NOT about Gaga or anyone in particular," Oseary wrote, answering a fan during a Twitter Q&A session. He added, "The song is an unfinished demo she had no intention of finishing or releasing along with many others. She has NO ill will toward Gaga. It's nonsense. She was listening to (Gaga's) Tony Bennett duet album last week and appreciating it."

Back in August, The Sun claimed it had obtained the lyrics to a Madonna song titled "Two Steps Behind Me," reporting that a source "working closely with Madonna" thought Gaga would be "mortified" if she got wind of the song. (As it turns out, The Sun had the correct lyrics, as heard on the leaked demo.)

However, the track's nonspecific lyrics, such as "You're a copycat, get back/ I'm always on your mind," could arguably be about any artist attempting to steal the Queen of Pop's crown.

As for the continued the leaks, Oseary tells Billboard that "we are working hard to solve this crime. Madonna feels extremely violated to have her unfinished work stolen and released."

The leaks prompted Madonna to push forward the promotion of her forthcoming studio album, Rebel Heart, which will be released on March 10, 2015, through Interscope Records. The diva announced the set and its title and made it available for preorder on the evening of Dec. 19. Oseary said on Twitter that the original "plan was to release the album late in April," but with the leaks, they "decided for early March."

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The album's first single, "Living for Love," was serviced to U.S. radio stations by Interscope on Dec. 22 as a soft sell and will be reserviced after Jan. 1. The label will then decide on an official "add" date (when the song will impact radio) shortly thereafter. A music video for the song is due to be shot in the coming weeks and is slated (again, according to Oseary on Twitter) to premiere in the first week of February.

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