Man Collapses, Dies After Dancing 'Gangnam Style'

Eamonn Kilbride, a 46-year-old father of three, had been performing the dance moves made famous by South Korean rapper PSY.

A British man died after he collapsed from chest pains that formed following his performance of the dance to the hit song "Gangnam Style."

Eamonn Kilbride, a 46-year-old IT manager, was dancing at his office party in Blackburn, England, performing the horse moves that have earned South Korean rapper PSY worldwide fame and nearly one billion YouTube video views. A father of three children between the ages of 22 and 18, Kilbride was celebrating his wife Julie's birthday at the party.

“He was up onstage and entertaining everybody. He said he had a bit of a pain and just collapsed," she told the Telegraph of London. “He loved me dearly and would tell people all the time. I know he thought the world of us.”

The death has health officials in England warning middle-aged men to monitor their activity and not to overexert themselves. Kilbride's official cause of death was acute heart failure caused by coronary artery atheroma.