Mariah Carey Debuts 'Bring It on Home' for Obama (Video)

Mariah Carey Performance- P 2012

Behold this mildly disorienting, horizontally flipped footage of Mariah Carey singing President Obama a new song, just for him, at fundraiser she hosted at New York City's Plaza Hotel on Thursday night.

(No, we were not invited. But, thanks to the magic of YouTube, we have video evidence!)

As you can sort of hear (try not to look, you will get a headache), Carey's new song -- "Bring It on Home" -- is a triumphantly inspirational ballad, in the vein of "Hero." According to reports, she sang that pop hit before debuting her pro-Obama anthem.

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"Just finished performing Hero, We Belong Together and BRING IT ON HOME — a song I wrote especially for the event," Carey tweeted, posting a photo of herself in a black ball gown.

Before the Plaza party, President Obama and and First Lady Michelle Obama attended Sarah Jessica Parker's presidential fundraiser at the actress' Manhattan home.

Meryl Streep, Project Runway host Michael Kors, Vogue's Anna Wintour and Bravo's Andy Cohen were among the famous faces in attendance.

Parker introduced Obama at the event, giving him a hug and kiss and saying those in attendance were gathered "hopefully, with enormous enthusiasm." She also called Michelle Obama "radiant and extraordinary" and said she had been doing "amazingly important things these last four years."

Watch Mimi sing "Bring It on Home" below.