Miley Cyrus Feels Herself in 'Adore You' Teasers (Video)

The singer shares two clips from her "Wrecking Ball" follow-up that show her writhing around in bed while wearing hardly any clothing.
Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus couldn't possibly release a music video as scandalous as the sledgehammer-licking clip for "Wrecking Ball" … or could she?

A pair of teaser videos for follow-up single "Adore You" suggest that the music video, which will drop on Thursday, will be yet another provocative affair from the pop superstar.

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The first teaser, which Cyrus posted to Instagram on Friday, shows the singer staring into the camera underneath a white bedsheet, pouting her lips while wearing only some undergarments. The second Instagram clip, posted one day later, upped the ante: Cyrus is again shown underneath a sheet, but this time, she's touching her lower stomach while clenching her eyes shut and writhing around in bed.

"Were so close to ‪#AdoreYou 3 daysssss until the world premier on vevo… I can't waiiiiitt annnny longerrrr!" Cyrus posted on Twitter on Monday morning. The "Wrecking Ball" video, which was released in September and depicted the singer swinging naked on the titular object, set a 24-hour record for views across VEVO upon its release, accruing 19.3 million views in one day.

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Earlier this month, Cyrus was featured as the headliner on the inaugural Jingle Ball tour across the United States. On Feb. 14, her Bangerz tour, with support from Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira, kicks off in Vancouver, British Columbia.