Miley Cyrus Reveals Halloween Costume (Photo)

While others are dressing as the pop star, she chose to emulate another provocative musician.
Courtesy of RCA
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus may be a popular costume choice this Halloween, but the pop star herself picked another provocative musician to dress up as: Lil' Kim.

Cyrus copied Kim's 1999 Video Music Awards outfit, the one with the lavender jumpsuit and matching nipple pasty and wig, showing off her costume on Instagram.

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Earlier in the week, Cyrus posted photos of herself sporting the purple wig as well as a brown wig that looked similar to her own hairstyle from her Hannah Montana days, leading many to think she'd be dressing as her former self for Halloween.

Instead, she went with a different throwback look.

The pop star wore the ensemble to a costume party hosted by Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose on Wednesday night.

No word yet on whether anyone recreated Kim and Diana Ross' memorable VMA interaction.