Miley Cyrus Slaps Rear End of Twerking Little Person on German TV Show (Video)

The pop star continues to create controversy with performances of her hit single.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus continues to create controversy with performances of her hit "We Can't Stop."

This past Saturday, the pop star slapped the rear end of a twerking little person while singing the song on German TV show Schlag den Raab.

Cyrus, who shocked the MTV Video Music Awards audience with a racy performance of the single, was relatively tamer for most of this rendition, sporting a leather crop top, sequined jacket and cut-off jean shorts as opposed to the the teddy-bear bustier and flesh-colored bikini she wore on the VMA stage.

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But Cyrus was accompanied by a band of little people and, toward the end of the song, one of them strutted onstage and started twerking, leading Cyrus to repeatedly slap the dancer's rear end.

The former Disney star already stirred up controversy by grabbing the rear end of a black dancer during her VMA performance.

Watch Cyrus' full performance below.

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