Morrissey's Band Wears 'We Hate William and Kate' Shirts, Star Talks Falklands in Argentina (Photo)

Morrisey Gigriders William Kate T-shirt - H 2012

Morrisey Gigriders William Kate T-shirt - H 2012

The more you ignore him, the closer he gets.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Morrissey used a concert in Argentina on Sunday to slam the British government while his band wore t-shirts emblazoned with "We Hate William and Kate" and a photo of the Royal couple emblazoned on the front. The singer criticized Britain's government for its continued ownership of the Falkland Islands, a small group of islands off the coast of Argentina whose fate brought the two nations to war thirty years ago.

"The [British] government, the governments, never listen to the people, to their pain," he told the audience, blaming the government, not the people, for the political difficulty.

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Morrissey initially commented on the dispute, which has been enflamed by Prince William's Royal Air Force assignment to the islands, on Friday, when he told another audience in Argentina that “You know of course the Malvinas Islands, everybody knows they belong to Argentina so please do not blame the British people, we know the islands belong to you." The Malvinas Islands are the Spanish name for the Falklands.

It's just the latest political furor raised by the former Smiths frontman, who titled one of that band's seminal albums The Queen is Dead. He performed at pro-Labour party tours, and on his 1992 solo album, he had a song called "Margaret on the Guillotine," referring to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He is an fanatical animal rights activist, and backed up fellow Smiths founder Johnny Marr when the guitarist banned conservative Prime Minister David Cameron from liking their iconic indie band.