Motley Crue's 5 Best Reddit AMA Moments

Motley Crue PR 2013 L

On Friday, Motley Crue took a short break from their second residency at Hard Rock Las Vegas' The Joint (it runs through Oct. 6) to field questions from fans on a Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

The veteran rockers received a slew of burning Qs from the heavy metal-loving crowd, ranging from, "What is your most insane drug experience?" (we're guessing it's bassist Nikki Sixx's infamous 1987 overdose that left him dead for two minutes) to cliche pop-punk references like, "When did Motley Crue become classic rock?" At the end, Sixx summed up the experience succinctly with a three-word tweet, "That was weird…"

THR compiled five highlights from the session.

1) The Dirt movie may actually become a reality one day.

The Crue's 2001 autobiography recounts many raunchy tales from the band's formative years and beyond. Talk of the book being turned into a movie surfaced more than four years ago when the band called for a release date during sometime in 2009. As of today, the movie is still in its planning stages, but when asked if it will ever come to fruition, they replied, "Working on it!"

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2) Biggest non-heavy metal inspiration? George Clinton.

When asked who inspires them most outside of the metal genre, guitarist Mick Mars responded: "George Clinton." The funk mastermind behind Parliament Funkadelic is only 10 years older than Mars, but has proved influential to the axman's signature sound.

3) Girls, Girls, Girls

Reddit user icxcnika asked: "What is your opinion on the sexualization / objectification of women in modern society?" In lieu of a response, the band referred icxcnika to "the lyrics on 'Ten Seconds to Love.' " The 10th track off the Crue's 1983 album, Shout at the Devil, addresses an unnamed woman (or two) in the first verse. Its lyrics "You're my 10-second pet."

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4) When was the moment Crue realized it had finally made it big?

Joking or not, Sixx said the band's impressive track record of success finally hit him just last week. Mars on the other hand, said he knew he made it big when someone stole $1 million from him. Ouch.

5) Is this the REAL Motley Crue?

The anonymity of the Internet left some users questioning the identity of the person typing -- or dictating -- the answers. Reddit user jaggazz voiced this concern and asked, "How do we know this is actually the band answering questions and not your PR guys?" In true, hard-hitting rock and roll fashion, MotleyCrueOfficial responded with a solid "F--- you! Go f--- yourself!" jaggazz was nothing less than thrilled with the band's response.

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