Nicki Minaj Returns to Twitter, Announces 'Starships' Video Premiere

The rapper reinstated her account after a fiery exit and nine days of silence.

As predicted by so many of her loyal followers, Nicki Minaj has returned to Twitter. She does have an album to promote, after all.

Minaj reinstated her social media account on Tuesday after a nine-day hiatus, with only a fraction of her followers in tact. It appears as though Minaj’s follower-count was reset when she activated her account, after dropping more than 11 million followers in a fiery spat.

In her first return Tweet, Minaj wrote: “*salutes the nation of Pinkslam* *hugs the barbz* *kisses the barbz*”

Addressing the sudden follower drop, Minaj added: “State of the Union: Dear Barbz, our nation will not be fully reinstated to 11 million for another few days as per @twitter. It takes time ;)”

Minaj suddenly quit the microblogging site, on which she previously had an active presence, after engaging in a battle with fansite Nicki Daily, which had allegedly been leaking her songs online. After a spirited debate, Minaj wrote, "Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye," before taking down her account.

In her first day back in the Twitterverse, Minaj promptly returned to answering fan messages and also announced the premiere date for her upcoming “Starships” music video. The clip will debut Thursday on MTV at 7:56 p.m. EST.

This week, Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded dropped from No. 3 to No. 6 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The album's lead single “Starships” fell from No. 6 to No. 8 on the Digital Songs chart.

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