Odd Future Starts Fire on L.A.'s Famed Fairfax Ave. (Video)

Odd Future fire Fairfax L

Four days after an LA Weekly article addressed tension around Los Angeles' Fairfax district, pointing to the arrival of hip-hop collective Odd Future, whose OF pop-up is located on the storied Jewish strip and has been drawing unwanted crowds of tourists and celebrity gazers, the band made its presence known by setting a giant palm tree on fire.

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Yards away from the famous Canter's Deli at 419 N. Fairfax, reports cite that one of the rappers threw a bottle rocket into the tree, which set its fronds on fire and endangered local businesses and people walking by. Among those impacted, according to Gawker, was Damiano Mr. Pizza, a pizza joint frequented by the likes of Sarah Silverman.

The stunt was a reference to lyrics for their song "Kill People Burn Shit F--k School." Worth noting: Fairfax High School, which was attended by Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and Anthony Kiedis, Slash and David Arquette, is just down the street. 

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In the LA Weekly article, writer Rebecca Haithcoat describes tourist influx on Fairfax as "teens and 20-somethings descend[ing] on the strip from all over the United States, Europe and Asia ... hoping to snap a photo with a member of rap collective Odd Future, or at least spy leader Tyler, the Creator hanging out in front of the group's own pop-up store, called OF." Residents, she adds, are annoyed with the presence of the TMZ bus tour.

To his credit, Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator said in a tweet, "I blame myself for the [outsiders] coming to the block in the past year and a half, I'm f--king sorry." But it doesn't help matters that Odd Future's active schedule, which includes an Adult Swim show, Loiter Squad, and attention-grabbing stunts, are constantly drawing cameras to their exploits.

Watch video of the fire below: