'The Office's' Creed Bratton to Release Audio-Biography Album

The actor and singer-songwriter is releasing his sixth solo album, "Tell Me About It."
Creed Bratton's "Tell Me About It"

Creed Bratton is back with more music.

The actor, known for his role on The Office as a former '60s rock star, is releasing a new concept album titled Tell Me About It. Released as a three-act audio-biography, the CD tells the story of Bratton's life through songs.

"After The Rubbermen and I started the album, Dave Way, my producer said, 'This is the story of your career. He said you should make this a concept album,' " Bratton said in a statement. "The three acts are like a play. It's a story that takes you along in a psychedelic way."

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Bratton was a former member in the '60s folk-rock band The Grass Roots.

Tell Me About It will be available in three EP-sized “acts,” with the first act released Tuesday. Acts two and three will be out May 7 and 21, respectively. The full-length vinyl version will be out May 21.

Additionally, Bratton will perform two dates in California: April 20 in Coarsegold's Chuckchansi Casino and April 21 at Oakland's Yoshi's.

The track titles are listed below: 

Act I - Let's Start Dancing
1. "One Guitar"
2. "Faded Spats"
3. "Chemical Wings"
4. "Yeah, Hi"

Act II - The Orange Juice Tastes Like Water
1. "Pablo"
2. "PF Sloan"
3. "Unemployment Lines"
4. "My Name Is Leon"
5. "Heart Of Darkness"

Act III - Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Obscurity
1. "Old Ruminations"
2. "Move To Win"
3. "Better On Top"
4. "Emmy Awards" (Featuring Rainn Wilson)
5. "When I Settle Down"