Paris Attacks: Cher Slams "Gutless" Congress, Calls GOP Candidates "the Dumb Leading the Arrogant"

"Evil is not supreme, and good is not helpless," the singer tweeted.
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Cher has weighed in on the Paris terrorist attacks on Twitter, expressing her anger that ISIS murdered innocents who were “free” and “loving life” while enjoying life’s pleasures.

“They Had AK47’s & Attacked Innocent ppl,” she tweeted of the Nov. 13 attacks.

The singer argued several points, calling out the GOP candidates, Congress and President Barack Obama.

She commented that if the U.S. were forced to fight ISIS, no current GOP candidate would make for a fit president, as it would be "like the Dumb leading the Arrogant, leading the Insane."

And despite her respect for Obama, she said his plan was too little, too late.

She voiced her concerns that ISIS attacks are planned with “Play station” and “private messaging apps” and questioned how the United States can distinguish members of the terrorist organization from victims.

The 69-year-old icon shared her love for Paris, writing that the City of Light is a “Rare Gem” where she spent many of her happiest moments, and offered a message of hope: “EVIL IS NOT SUPREME AND GOOD IS NOT HELPLESS.”

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