Pearl Jam's Mike McCready on ObamaCare: 'Life is a Pre-Existing Condition'

Mike McCready Performing - P 2012
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Mike McCready Performing - P 2012

In a video message, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready urges voters to cast a ballot in favor of a president who will preserve the Affordable Care Act and describes how he was denied health care coverage twice in his life. 

"It's very hard to do it -- to have Crohn's and go on the road," McCready explains in the "Life is a Pre-existing Condition" video. "There's been times when I've had to run off stage while we're playing a show or right before we are playing a show."

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The video was filmed by Jesse Dylan -- son of Bob Dylan, founder of production company Wondros and, as the Huffington Post noted, the filmmaker who created the 2008 presidential campaign's ubiquitious pro-Obama theme video "Yes We Can." 

"I've been denied coverage two times in my life -- and it's after I've been in a big successful rock band," McCready said. "And I've a lot of met people who've been denied coverage who don't have the resources to fight the insurance companies. And they shouldn't have to do that."

In a letter posted on Pearl Jam's official website, McCready and filmmaker Jesse Dylan write that the "business of health insurance hasn’t been a good thing in America."

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"ObamaCare does for health care what business could not or would not; it prohibits discrimination against those of us with pre-existing conditions. It ensures everyone, regardless of their employment status or health care situation, access to quality insurance and medical care," they write. 

Fellow Pearl Jam bandmate Eddie Vedder has recently helped raise $1.7 million for the Obama campaign at a Florida fundraiser.

Watch McCready's message below: