NKOTB's Jonathan Knight Ignites Twitter War With Perez Hilton on Blogger's Birthday

While the Backstreet Boys performed, the New Kids singer implored one attendee to "throw an egg" at the party's host.
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The decade-defying Backstreet Boys were the big name headliners at Perez Hilton’s Hollywood birthday party on Saturday night, but beyond the cake and well wishes, 90s boy bands turned out to be the theme of the weekend.

While the four-member group were singing to tracks of beloved BSB classics like “Larger Than Life” and “I Want It That Way,” Jonathan Knight of early 90s teen outfit New Kids on the Block, recent partners in the highly successful NKOTBSB tour, was on Twitter imploring one party attendee to “Throw an egg @perezhilton and tell him that's my birthday gift to him!”

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Hilton caught wind of the tweet the following day and responded by writing, “Disappointing to hear that. Instead of wishing me something negative, ignore me or go here,” directing Knight to his party’s web page where donations are still being collected for the Save the Music Foundation (more than $22,000 has been raised from the event). He then went on to apologize repeatedly.

Knight replied harshly, tweeting, “disappointing is all the pictures of me on your website with penis's on them and all the times you harassed and bullied! … Someday I may forgive but I sure won't forget! Oh and Happy Birthday.... Hopefully someone gave you the gift of class!”

The Twitter war did not escalate too much further however, as the blogger continued to plead that he’s changed. Wrote Hilton: “I wish you no ill will. ... I have admittedly made many mistakes in my past. But I won't be defined by my past or let my baggage hold me down. … I'm not asking anyone to forget my past. I haven't forgotten it. … And your jibe about class, I will happily accept your insult. I won't respond to your negativity with more negativity.”

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Also worth noting: Knight’s bandmate, Joey McIntyre, taped a sweet birthday message for Hilton (ne Mario Lavandeira), which was played to the crowd of several hundred.

Earlier in the night, Shahs of Sunset troublemaker Anita (she of the red Herve Leger swimsuit) weighed in on another boy band rivalry, telling The Hollywood Reporter that in her teens, she was a BSB fan all the way, and turned up her nose at anything NSync.

Hilton’s soiree was held at Hollywood’s Siren Studios and also featured performances by Glee’s Amber Riley, X Factor finalist Chris Rene, Far East Movement (with JoJo), Kat Graham and Taylor Dayne

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