Pitbull to Hit 'Today' for Spring Concert

The rapper, who covered The Hollywood Reporter's latest issue, is set to perform on March 31.
Miller Mobley

Pitbull is hitting 30 Rock as the latest stop on his media tour. 

The rapper, who graced The Hollywood Reporter's latest issue, is set to appear on NBC's Today  on March 31 as part of the morning show's spring concert series. The 33-year-old artist, known for singles "Timber," "International Love" and "Hey Baby," will perform live. 

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"I fell in love with hip-hop because to me it was therapy," Pitbull told THR. "I could listen to [someone] and go, 'This is happening in his neighborhood, too?' It became my way of getting things off my chest without having to do it physically."

On Twitter, the rapper stated that he'll play "Wild Wild Love" off of his latest album, Global Warming: Meltdown, on Monday.