Pixies Frontman to David Bowie: We'll Be Your Backing Band

Should the legendary and reclusive Bowie head out on tour, Black Francis and crew will gladly back him. "That'd be cool," said the singer in a recent interview.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Black Francis

Despite all public pleas, David Bowie has said repeatedly that he will not tour to support his The Next Day album he released in March. But what if the Pixies were his backing band?

It's a bizarre proposition that'd make for a rock 'n' roll hall of fame dream, born from the mouth of none other than Pixies frontman Black Francis.

Promoting his band's recent release EP1, which followed a lengthy hiatus, Francis told Radio.com how he would love to tour with the pop icon.

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"We should do a tour with David Bowie," he said. "We can be his band. That'd be cool. We can be his backing band. We go out and do our set, he comes out to do his set with us and, you know. That'd be cool."

Surely it's a long shot that this could coax Bowie back on the road, but the Pixies are legends in their own right so one never knows. So, as off-the-cuff and unrealistic as this comment may be, Francis is right that it would be cool. Very cool, indeed.

Maybe if the Pixies could convince Kim Deal to rejoin the band, Bowie would follow.