Prince to Host Pajama Party at Paisley Park

The Purple One is expected to take the stage at his Minneapolis compound after 2 a.m. and rock until morning.

Prince, that peculiar purple-loving guitar-slaying pop hero, will be hosting an all-night pajama party starting late tonight at his Paisley Park mansion and studio space in Minneapolis. For all in the Twin City area, the event starts at 2 a.m. Saturday morning and goes until the sun comes up.

"The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party," as the bash is being billed, is open to the public with a $50 donation. It's unclear whether it will include Prince performing with his band 3rdEyeGirl but it does seem likely since the band is featured on the advertising flyer. On the other hand, it's Prince -- you just never know. Attendees are instructed to "dress 2 impress" and “keep it classy” in their sleepwear choices.

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the event follows a concert Prince held at Paisley Park two weeks ago, at which he declared, "Let's do this again next weekend." He didn't quite fulfill that commitment but came pretty close.

The party coincides with Prince's latest single, "Breakfast Can Wait," and video, which was released last week. The director of that video, 18-year-old Danielle Curiel, recently told Pitchfork she had no idea how Prince found her or why he hired her for this task, considering she had never directed a video before.

And, somehow, all of this makes perfect sense.

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