Psy to Change Song Title Over Fear of Offending Arabs

The Korean pop star will make alterations to his track "Assarabia," which stems from a slang term used to describe thrills.
Getty Images

Korean pop sensation Psy doesn't want to cause trouble.

In his new track "Assarabia," or "Assaravia" in English, Psy announced that he will change the song title, and some of the lyrics, to avoid upsetting Arabs, according to The Associated Press. South Koreans use the slang term to describe thrills with no suggestions to ethnicity or body parts. However, to prevent any misinterpretations, Psy plans to change the song title.

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Psy's first single, "Gangnam Style," has already reached 1.44 billion YouTube views since July.

More recently, Psy has also been seen as the face of Korean Cosmetic brand Somang and limited-edition postage stamps.