Queens of the Stone Age Singer: 'F--- the Grammys'

The band's frontman Josh Homme, who was part of the shortened final performance in this year's awards show, shouted the expletive during a concert at Houston's Bayou Music Center on Sunday.
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Grammys 2014

Two weeks after the Grammys super-short supergroup performance from Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, the Queens of the Stone Age frontman has spoken out about being cut off by the music industry's awards show, while also directing an expletive at another group.

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"This next song is by Imagine Dragons," joked Homme, which triggered booing from the audience at Houston's Bayou Music Center on Sunday. "Just f---ing kidding. Wait, wait, wait, you've got to admit, you're all imagining dragons right now."

He continued, "You know, f--- everything, f--- the man, f--- Imagine Dragons, f--- the Grammys, f--- all this shit," to a roaring applause. "We're supposed to be here with you, we ain't supposed to be, like with some, like the band's dick in our hands. Although there ain't nothing wrong with it."

Homme's rant follows remarks by Nine Inch Nails' Reznor, who tweeted "A heartfelt F--- YOU GUYS" after being cut off. Backstage, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow explained to reporters the thought process behind the shortened broadcast of the performance: "We save the end slot for something that is a bit of a jam, because you can have the energy go and then it's just a matter of the clock," he said.

Additionally, Grammys executive producer Ken Ehrlich later noted to The Hollywood Reporter of Reznor, "I’m sorry he was upset. I was really thrilled that we were finally getting him on the Grammys. The final jam started with Arcade Fire a few years ago, and LL Cool J last year. I want to end on a high, an up note. I did tell them we’d take it as long as we could. The number was about five, six minutes long, and we got to within a minute twenty of the end. We got as close as we could possibly get."

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Watch Homme's comments in the video below:

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