A History of Music Awards Show Violence (Video)

The fights at the BET Hip-Hop Awards on Saturday are just the latest in a long string of kudosfest melees.

Saturday's BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta were marred by several rap world rivalries boiling over into all-out brawls.

There were Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, former collaborators turned nemeses, who got into a heated argument that led to a pushing and shoving match backstage that spilled out into the parking lot. Police say no shots were fired, despite several witnesses saying they heard them. And then there was a scuffle between rapper Gunplay and a member of 50 Cent's entourage that ended in police separating the two with mace spray. 

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Of course, neither battle was the first time violence erupted at such an event. Here now are some of the wildest and scariest moments in the history of music awards shows.

1. Onyx Shoot Live Ammunition - 1994 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards

Things got off to a rocky start at the first Source Hip-Hop Music Awards, held at the Paramount Theater in New York, when Tupac Shakur stormed the stage during A Tribe Called Quest's set --  but that was nothing compared to a performance later that evening by Onyx, who fired live ammunition at the ceiling during a performance of "Throw Ya Gunz." 

2. Shooting Death of Notorious B.I.G. - 1997 Soul Train Music Awards

Hours after Notorious B.I.G. presented an award to Toni Braxton at the ceremony -- during which some members of the audience loudly booed him -- the superstar rapper was shot to death after departing a Vibe-hosted after party at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Biggie's last appearance:

3. Brawl Breaks Out - 2000 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards 

Pasadena hosted the 2000 show, which was cut short after a violent brawl erupted in the audience -- resulting in only five of the night's 15 awards being handed out.

DJ Quik was sent to the emergency room from his injuries. The result? Pasadena city officials banned the awards from ever returning there again.

4. Eminem Tussles with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog -- 2002 MTV Video Music Awards

After sitting in Moby's lap and trying to fan the flames of the dance music artist's ongoing feud with Eminem, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog -- i.e. a puppet attached to the arm of comedy writer Robert Smigel -- then approached the rapper himself.

Eminem started to lose his cool and two bodyguards got involved before producers quickly cut away to Christina Aguilera.

But man and man's best friend eventually smoothed things over: Eminem impersonated Triumph on his song "Ass Like That" from 2004's Encore, and even featured the puppet in the song's video.

Video available here. (Embedding disabled.)

5. Young Buck Stabs a Violent Fan -- 2004 VIBE Music Awards

Held at the Santa Monica Airport, the second annual awards were marred by the stabbing by G-Unit rapper Young Buck of 26-year-old L.A. native Jimmy James Johnson.

Right before Snoop Dogg and Quincy Jones were about to present Dr. Dre with a special award, Johnson approached Dre under the pretense of seeking an autograph -- then sucker punched the music producer.

"All hell broke loose," was how one witness described it, with several in the crowd exchanging punches and throwing chairs as others leaped for cover.

Young Buck later pled guilty to a charge of "assault likely to produce great bodily harm," and was sentenced to three years' probation.

6. Rick Ross vs. Young Jeezy, Gunplay vs. 50 Cent's Crew - 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Video of the latest hip-hop kudosfest altercations hit the web within hours of unfolding before prying smartphone cameras.