Rihanna Wouldn't Let 'Girls' Use Her Song for Icona Pop's 'I Love It' Scene (Report)

Rihanna Performing - H 2013
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Rihanna Performing - H 2013

HBO's Girls has provided a number of memorable music moments over the past two seasons, including Hannah and Marnie dancing to Robyn and a cocaine-fueled Hannah and Elijah dancing to Icona Pop's "I Love It."

But the latter scene, which helped "I Love It" become a hit last year, almost featured a different song.

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Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" was music supervisor Manish Raval's previous choice, but the singer's team wouldn't let the HBO show use her song.

"They didn't give a reason, we didn’t ask for a reason," Raval says in an interview with Radio.com. "So I can't speculate as to why, but you know, it's a happy accident. She said no and we happened to find the Icona Pop song."

Raval adds that he's proud of using "I Love It" for that scene, saying he still thinks of that scene when he hears the song.

"People responded so much to the Robyn song ["Dancing on My Own"] in season one, I knew people were going to have the same response to the Icona Pop thing. And also because they were an unsigned band and no one knew the song. It was going to be an inherently original moment," he says.

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This season will feature brand-new songs from Beck, Christina Perri, Lily Allen, Jenny Lewis and Miguel, Raval adds. The Beck song was a track that he had just finished for his new album, which he's letting Girls release first. The Miguel song, meanwhile, was written specifically for Girls after star-writer-producer Lena Dunham suggested reaching out to him to see if he could do something for the show.

The Jenny Lewis song will be played over the end credits, which Raval points out is for the music team's "most prized possessions."

"It’s really for us to try and showcase something we’re really into, because that’s where we leave the viewer with a musical thought or message or emotion," he explains. "And the Jenny Lewis spot scores a very emotional moment that happens in the second episode where you know the cast is reunited with Jessa. I love the song, I love the moment, I love the last image of that moment. I think that’s my favorite spot of the season."

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Raval, who notes that his team frequently contacts artists before their singles even come out, indicated that a lot of the new material on the show will be featured on another soundtrack album, currently in the works.

He adds that there will be an episode largely based around a Harry Nilsson song and one in which an artist covers a Warren Zevon song.

In fact, he argues that he's open to using any artist on the show, presumably except for those who won't let their music be used.