Sia's Next Single, 'Alive,' Was Originally Written for Adele

Sia Performance Ellen DeGeneres Show - H 2015
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Sia Performance Ellen DeGeneres Show - H 2015

Sia is known for penning songs by some of the biggest names in pop music, and she has done it again with Adele -- but this time, she's singing the track herself.

The singer-songwriter's next single, "Alive," was originally written for and with Adele, but according to RTV Slovenija (translated via Google Translator), Sia said Adele rejected the track at the last minute. She decided to take it on anyway. “It’s about [Adele’s] life, so I now sing a song from [Adele’s] perspective,” she told the outlet.

"Alive," which will be released Sept. 26, is the lead single from Sia's upcoming album, This Is Acting. The song coincidentally works perfectly with the theme of the LP, as Sia told NME in February that the title stems from creating songs not necessarily meant for herself. “I’m calling it This Is Acting because they are songs I was writing for other people, so I didn’t go into it thinking, ‘This is something I would say,' '” she said. “It’s more like play-acting. It’s fun.”

Along with her upcoming album, Sia has also written a new film project titled Sister, which stars Maddie Ziegler. Sia previously collaborated with Ziegler for her "Chandelier" video, her first directing stint, and that gave her the confidence to do it again with Sister.

As for This Is Acting, no release date has been announced, but it is expected later this year.

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