Sisqo Talks New Album, Career: 'I Can't Count How Many Thongs Were Thrown Onstage!'

The singer returns with "Last Dragon."

"I can't count how many thongs were thrown onstage! I can't!" Sisqo is talking about the entirety of his career, which has been highlighted by, among other achievements, the smash hit "Thong Song." The R&B veteran never tires of collecting underwear onstage, but he's also ready to move on, with a new album, Last Dragon.

For his first solo effort in 14 years, Sisqo decided to link up with Atlanta rap star Waka Flocka Flame for the single "A-List," which was released last August. "My niece had a crush on him," says Sisqo with a smile. "Before we called any of the other people on the list, we called Waka first."

Last Dragon -- the final installment in Sisqo's trilogy of 'Dragon' albums -- was released on Feb. 10.

Watch Billboard's interview with Sisqo below: