Sky Blu Talks Solo Album, LMFAO Status (Q&A)

One-half of the "Party Rock" duo discusses "Rebel Music," released for free on July 4, and what other "out-of-the-box" surprises he has in store.

After LMFAO released their second album, Sorry For Party Rocking, the duo announced a temporary hiatus in the fall of 2012. Since then, fans have wondered whether they'll ever get another album from Sky Blu and his uncle Redfoo. Sky Blu broke the silence on July 4 when he self-released his debut solo album, Rebel Music, for free on his website. The album, produced with Mark Rosas, features everyone from RiFF RaFF to Wilmer Valderrama and showcases a new side of the musician.

Sky Blu spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his latest release, why he chose to put it out for free and where exactly things stand with LMFAO.

The Hollywood Reporter: First things first, what is the current status of LMFAO?

Sky Blu: LMFAO, right now, is still status hiatus. We’re cool -- I spoke to [Redfoo] not too long ago and we’re good. I’m just making new music. That’s not to say we’re not making new music with LMFAO, it’s just that LMFAO is taking a chill pill for a moment. We’re really focusing on our individual projects.

THR: So to clear up any misconceptions that fans have, you can confirm that the band hasn’t broken up and that this is just a temporary hiatus?

Sky Blu: Yes, 100 percent.

THR: How long ago did you start working on your new solo album?

Sky Blu: When you make music -- especially if you love what you do -- you just make music and it just happens. I’ve been making music for a long time and sometimes when I try to make an LMFAO record it comes out as a Sky Blu record. After a while you start looking at all this music and saying, “Wow, this is really a piece of me. How am I going to be able to wrap this up and give it to the world in the best way?” It’s always a constant struggle of creating things and figuring out how we’re going to get them to the people.

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THR: Was there an overall vision for the album?

Sky Blu: It took different forms at different stages, but towards the end of the process, it started really showing what it was supposed to be. For us, we really wanted to get people a good eight-song album that shows the diversity of what I can do. I’ve got a lot more music coming down the pipe. We’re making some more videos for these songs. There are a lot of things for people to see with this album that haven’t come out yet.

THR: So how much variety of songwriting does this album showcase?

Sky Blu: It’s definitely just the tip of the iceberg. I have my fun songs that make people laugh and music that's sometimes edgier. But also there are songs like “Shine” and “Imagination” on the record that focus on my philosophical side and show how I feel about the world and how I view success and things like that, which I’m really into as well, but not many people have seen that side of me. It felt good to stretch my range of songs.

THR: Is that side of you surprising to fans?

Sky Blu: It has been. Not for people that know me, but for people who have in their mind who I am from the music they heard prior, it comes as a shock. The music that will be coming in the future will be a real shock. I can’t wait for that. This is really important, I think -- for people to start to understand what’s going on in my mind.

THR: There are a lot of guest appearances and collaborations on the album. Do people come to you with ideas or do you bring them in?

Sky Blu: When somebody gets on my record, we’re having a party and they come and we’re, like, “Yo, you want to do this?” And they’re like “Yeah!” With RiFF RaFF we were at a party and he poured out his verse. You can hear when he starts to go there are people screaming in the background. That’s real. He’s in the middle of a party and laying down his verse. I truly enjoy stories like that -- where music comes organically. A lot of music is just made in the studio and that’s what it is. But it’s not how it has to be. A lot of cool and different songs come from just experimenting with the time and place you make your music.

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THR: Why did you decide to release the album for free?

Sky Blu: There’s so much business that comes into play in the music industry, and honestly, it just got old to me. So I said, “You know what, I love music and my music is free, this album is free.” That’s what I wanted to give to the fans. I wanted them to listen to my music. The label won’t listen, but these [fans] will. ... And it’s 100 percent free. And if you see me I’ll give you a free hard copy of my album.

THR: So this was done without a label?

Sky Blu: I’m talking to the label, but the thing is that they’re in a transition these days with the Internet. Their whole structure is changing, and so I’m just more proactive than reliant.

THR: Are you going to tour in support of Rebel Music?

Sky Blu: Right now, I’m putting together my show and my videos. I’m still in a creative mood right now. But we’re planning a lot of college shows and other performances around the world. We’re building it, and it’s going to like a traveling circus, basically. I love out-of-the-box type of stuff, so that’s where we’re going with this. It’s going to be a sight to be seen, for sure. 

THR : You said you have more music coming -- when would that be released?

Sky Blu: The top of 2014 will be my second solo album. I just want people in the world to know that Sky Blu is coming, and I’m going to make a big impact. That’s really my goal. I want to be the best me I can be -- so you will see a lot of me.

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