Snoop Reworks 'Drop It Like It's Hot' For a Hot Pockets Music Video

Snoop Dogg Pocket Like It's Hot - H 2012

Snoop Dogg Pocket Like It's Hot - H 2012

"I just heat it up to eat it up."

So begins Snoop Dogg's music video foray as a pitchman in a Hot Pockets ad. The clip, part of a digital campaign promoting the product, reworks the rapper's 2004 chart-topping single "Drop it Like it's Hot" into "Pocket Like it's Hot."  It's a parody in praise of greasy, microwaveable snacks.

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Over three-and-a-half minutes, Snoop delivers cheesy lines with a straight face, like, "When your cravings' got ahold of you (Pocket like it's hot)/And you're munchies get an attitude (Pocket like it's hot)." 

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The video also features musician DeStorm Power, comedian Andy Milonakis, WWE wrestler Brodus Clay and a dancing life-size Hot Pocket. It also includes raining pepperoni and Snoop repurposing a microwave turning plate into a turntable.

The snacks "have always been a favorite in my house," Snoop states in a press release.