Snoop Reworks 'Drop It Like It's Hot' For a Hot Pockets Music Video

A life-sized microwaveable snack joins the rapper in the video along with musician DeStorm Power and comedian Andy Milonakis.

"I just heat it up to eat it up."

So begins Snoop Dogg's music video foray as a pitchman in a Hot Pockets ad. The clip, part of a digital campaign promoting the product, reworks the rapper's 2004 chart-topping single "Drop it Like it's Hot" into "Pocket Like it's Hot."  It's a parody in praise of greasy, microwaveable snacks.

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Over three-and-a-half minutes, Snoop delivers cheesy lines with a straight face, like, "When your cravings' got ahold of you (Pocket like it's hot)/And you're munchies get an attitude (Pocket like it's hot)." 

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The video also features musician DeStorm Power, comedian Andy Milonakis, WWE wrestler Brodus Clay and a dancing life-size Hot Pocket. It also includes raining pepperoni and Snoop repurposing a microwave turning plate into a turntable.

The snacks "have always been a favorite in my house," Snoop states in a press release.