Son to Usher: "You're Not a Great Singer"

"She Came to Give It to You"
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Usher introduced his new single with Nicki Minaj. After a ton of dance moves, Minaj appeared onstage for her rap verse, during which Usher (while playing the electric guitar) repeatedly bumped her bum with his shoulder, and then spanked it before she left the stage. Usher closed the number with more dance moves and a few fireworks.

One of Usher's sons studies his dance moves meticulously, while the other has said to the Grammy-winning star: "You're not a great singer."

Usher says his son Nayvid Ely Raymond, who turns 6 in December, isn't impressed with the multiplatinum singer.

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"He doesn't care about what I do as much. ... He's like, 'I'm the star. Who are you? You sing?' " Usher said in a recent interview.

"He told me the other day, he says, 'You're not a great singer,' " Usher, 36, continued with a laugh. His reply to his son: "What? I'm a great singer!"

Usher said his other son, named after him, who turns 7 next month, has taken to his father's dance talents.

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"When seeing me perform on tour in the past ... and most of the time it's past his bedtime, but he's just sitting there studying every move, every second, like laser focus," he said of Usher Raymond V. "And then I'll see him off by himself doing the moves."

Usher will showcase his sharp choreography on his UR Experience World Tour, which kicks off Saturday (Nov. 1) in Montreal. He said the tour was influenced by live shows he's seen from U2, Bruce Springsteen and Frankie Beverly.

"There's this connection, and that is what gave the inspiration for this show," he said of the veteran acts.

He will play many of his hits, from "U Remind Me" to "Yeah!" to "OMG," on his first tour in three years. He will also play instruments.

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"I may be playing the drum sometimes. I may be playing the bass," he said. "We may have a reprise on a song that you know and you enjoy for, who knows, eight to 10 minutes."

Usher, who released two singles this year, is currently working on his eighth album. Apart from music, he says he would like to do more movies and enjoyed his stint on NBC's The Voice because he was able to stress the seriousness of artist development.

"This is something that was very, very important when I came up as an artist and is probably the reason why 20 years later, I am making music and performing and excited about doing it," he said.

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