'Sons of Anarchy' Soundtrack Band Attika 7 Connects With Outlaw Life

Attika 7 Performing - P 2013
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Attika 7 Performing - P 2013

Sons of Anarchy, FX’s hit biker-drama, has featured some standout gritty rock 'n' roll tunes and memorable hardcore music throughout its five seasons on TV. Black Sabbath and Anvil are just a couple of examples of the musical icons who have been heard on the show.

One group whose music has appeared on the show’s soundtrack has an especially strong connection to the life of bikers that the drama portrays. Not only does Attika 7 include Rusty Coones, who plays Nomad president Quinn on the show, but the group lives the biker life and has gone through some of the trials and tribulations that often come with the outlaw life.

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Coones and his bandmates ex-Biohazard frontman Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, Vicious Rumors), bassist Zach Broderick (Nonpoint) and drummer Tommy Holt (UPO) relate to the strong bond between the group of bikers so powerfully portrayed on the show.

“It’s a friendship and a brotherhood, beyond just playing music together,” Seinfeld said.

The guys ride together and have had their fair share of run-ins with law enforcement, a common thread seen in motorcycle clubs.

Attika 7 was actually born out of jail time, when Coones was serving what ended up being a sentence just shy of eight years -- hence the "7" in the group's name -- for drug charges. The actor-musician poured his frustration and anger into his music and lyrics, turning almost a decade in prison into what is now a recording and touring band who were last seen performing at Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 with headliners Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch.

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Seinfeld said, “Everyone in the band has had their share of legal problems. To ever have to fight for your freedom, it gives you a gratitude about your freedom that you can’t buy.”

Seinfeld admitted to having been arrested in the past, while Black is known for his hunger strike while in prison for unpaid fines. While serving time in 2009 at the Los Angeles County Jail, the guitarist was less than pleased with the prison’s vegan options, mainly because there practically aren’t any.

Each member of the band has hopefully left all that behind, at least that’s how Seinfeld sees it.

“The music has a really strong, underlying positive message and it’s that up from the ashes, if you strip away everything you find out what life’s really all about,” he said.

Sons of Anarchy season six premieres September 10 on FX at 10 p.m.