Steve Aoki Spoofs 'Breaking Bad' in 'Free the Madness' Music Video

Steve Aoki Breaking Bad - H 2014

Steve Aoki Breaking Bad - H 2014

If there were ever an EDM theme song for Breaking Bad, it would be "Free the Madness."

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The video for Steve Aoki's track with Machine Gun Kelly, off his forthcoming album Neon Future I, sees the two performers emulating the AMC show's meth-making duo, played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Directed by Dan Packer, the video, set in "the distant future," opens with the producer visiting the Museum of the 21st Century, which educates attendees on the long-gone mysteries of things like twerking, gingivitis and a show called Baking Bad. He touches a memory orb for more information on the pop culture relic and is soon transported to the New Mexico desert—complete with Walter White's signature green button-down shirt, khaki pants, yellow Hazmat suit and black Heisenberg hat.

Though the video—produced by Maxwell Riesberg and Josh Shadid—honors the show, down to its periodic table-like credits, it isn't a direct tribute to the Emmy-winning drama: When distributing the baby blue to craving customers, the two run into a few very vicious Girls Scouts troops. In short, a box of delicious Thin Mint cookies can also be quite dangerous.

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Watch the video below:

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