The Bangles' Susanna Hoffs Performs at Grammy Museum to Celebrate New Album

The '80s female rocker talks of her music origins and the process of creating "Someday," which dropped Tuesday.

With over thirty years in the music industry under her belt, rock 'n’ roll veteran Susanna Hoffs, of the '80s all-female rock band the Bangles, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. At 53, the rocker is a mother of two teenage boys (13 and 17) with husband Jay Roach, globe trotting with the Bangles during their “Bitchen” 2012 summer tour, collaborating with musician Matthew Sweet for their third album of oldies covers, and to top it all off, she just dropped her second solo album, Someday, which hit music stands Tuesday.

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Hoffs welcomed a full crowd at the Grammy Museum’s Clive Davis Auditorium Monday night, the eve of her album’s release, to talk about the new album, and her musical background and influences with moderator and executive director of the Grammy Museum, Robert Santelli. The rocker said that the Beatles were a huge influence in her music career, as well as 1960s female singers such as Linda Ronstadt.

“This album was inspired by my yearning to sing songs that were as melodic and emotional as my favorite music of the 1960s,” said Hoff.

The artist also attributed much of the album to her collaboration with Andrew Brassell, a 27-year-old musician from Nashville.

“[Brassell’s] intense focus on music was so inspirational to me…after we wrote ‘Picture Me,’ it was like the floodgates were opened up and all these songs poured out of us,” said Hoffs. “There’s something kind of magical about how easy it is.”

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For Hoffs, Someday serves as a personal tell-all album that is also a “musical love letter” to the tunes of the '60s. Although the Bangles entered the music scene in the '80s, Hoffs says the female rock band was always greatly influenced by the sound of the '60s and '70s. “In the '80s I was a little bit terrified by something about that era [that] seemed quite goofy to me,” she said.

Although Hoffs admitted that she likes to stay in her “bubble” of oldies, she also loves the technology available in the music world today. Hoffs joked about figuring out how to use the Internet and interact with her fans worldwide. “I know when I post on the Facebook and it’s 5 o’clock in LA…there’s all these messages from Europe…I realize that there are people from all over the world and that’s kind of mind blowing.” Hoffs added: “It’s a pretty sweet little thing, that Internet thing. Took me a while."

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Hoffs performed a six-song set list for the auditorium’s audience, singing four songs off of the new record as well as two covers, “All I’ve Got To Do” by the Beatles and “Teacher Teacher” by Rockpile. In all of her excitement, Hoffs exclaimed mid-performance, “This is really happening!”

The ten-track album Someday was released Tuesday, July 17.