Taylor Swift Shares What to Expect on Her '1989' Tour

The singer will "reimagine" hits like "Love Story" and "Trouble" for her new tour
AP Images

Taylot Swift's fans love her, and she loves them right back. That's why, as she plans for her upcoming 1989 tour, she's keeping her fans in mind.

"I know that with the way the fans have latched onto this album, the setlist will be predominantly songs from 1989," Swift told Time magazine when asked about her tour. "You know, when I go back and play songs I know they want to hear, like 'Love Story' or 'Trouble,' it’ll be interesting to reimagine them so that the fans get a new experience that feels in keeping with 1989."

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Swift also mentioned that since her sound is different in her latest album, she'll also have different production elements to match. "If you look at the landscape of 1989, it's mostly synths and automated drums and these kind of big epic synth pad sounds, and key bass, and layered vocals," said Swift. "I have a very big band, there are, what, 14 of us, so what you’re going to end up with is more of a live feel in that it’s going to be filled in and more dramatic with more layers to it, but never to the point where it’s going to feel noisy or overcrowded. The music on this tour is going to live a little bit in that world, and thank God, my fans really seem to like that world."

One thing is for sure — Swift is planning on having constant surprises throughout her tour. Her dream surprise guests? "I love Iggy Azalea, I love Haim. I’d say Vance Joy, but he’s opening up the tour, so he’ll be there anyway," said the singer.

"The things that I try to really focus on when bringing out people as surprise guests is what do my fans really want to see, what would they lose their minds over?" she added. "Not to show too many of my cards here — but I have probably 10 guests that I’m thinking about that would be amazing."

We can hear the Swfties squealing with glee already.