Tenacious D Return With New Video, Co-Starring Dave Grohl and Val Kilmer (Video)

Tenacious D Jack Black Kyle Gass - H 2012

Tenacious D Jack Black Kyle Gass - H 2012

At the height of their powers, Tenacious D felled a shiny demon with The Best Song in the World and unlocked the secrets of Wonderboy.  Now, after six years dormant, the boys are back.

The comedy duo band, comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, announced a new album and tour on in February and, on Monday, released a brand new video for the song "To Be The Best" that spoofs on their long absence from the public spotlight.

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Always a band that sings as much about itself (or, their imagined, grandiose lives) as anything else, the video details the band's fall following its 2006 film flop and the subsequent rise of Black to international superstar and Gass to a scraggled, belly-carving man. As it would turn out, it was Val Kilmer that got the band back together.

Thanks to Dave Grohl and Jimmy Kimmel, the D are back in playing shape and will hit the road this summer in support of their new album, quite appropriately named Rize of the Fenix.