Trailer Park Boys Join Rush Onstage in Canada

The comedy ensemble made its presence known at the band's Halifax tour stop.
Chris Godley

The stage at a recent Rush concert in Halifax was rushed by a pack of Trailer Park Boys.

The Canadian comedy ensemble -- stars of the beloved mockumentary series that bears their name -- showed up near the end of Rush’s second set at Halifax Metro Centre on July 14. While the band played “YYZ” from 1981’s Moving Pictures, the TPB guys proceeded to chase each other around the stage.

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Video of the cameo recently surfaced, which shows the stars in their respective characters’ costumes -- that is to say John Paul Tremblay, who plays Julian, wearing a black tee and holding a glass of rum and coke on the rocks; Robb Wells (Ricky) in track pants; and Patrick Roach (Randy) shirtless. Bubbles, played by Mike Smith, was also in attendance.

The trailer park that's home to this merry band of misfits is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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The band and the Boys go back, as it turns out. Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson appeared in the 2006 film, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, and he, along with bassist Geddy Lee, performed a cover of “I Fought The Law” for the movie’s soundtrack, reports Henne Music. Going by The Big Dirty Band, they even shot a video for the song.

Rush is currently wrapping its Clockwork Angels tour, which continues through Aug. 4.

Check out a clip of the Trailer Park Boys and Rush onstage in Halifax here.

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