BRIT Awards: David Bowie Accepts Best Male Artist Award Through Kate Moss (Video)

David Bowie was crowned Britain's best male solo artist at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday, but sent a top female to accept the accolade on his behalf: Kate Moss.

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"You maniacs didn't think David Bowie was actually gonna be here! David Bowie's too cool for that! He don't do this shit!" said award presenter Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame to the roaring crowd after announcing Bowie's win. "David Bowie is sending his representative on Earth, which is the one and only Kate Moss, who is going to accept this award on his behalf."

Moss then came onstage in a red minidress patterned with white rabbits, as a photo of Bowie was projected behind her. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen -- David has asked me to say this," Moss said, holding up a card with text.

She read, "In Japanese myth, the rabbits on my old costume, that Kate's wearing, live on the moon. Kate comes from Venus, and I from Mars. So that's nice.

"I'm completely delighted to have a BRIT for being best male, and I am -- aren't I, Kate?" She then nodded, as Gallagher responded with a "yes."

She continued, "I think it's a great way to end the day. Thank you very, very much. And Scotland, stay with us."

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Bowie's last comment, through Moss, was referring to a Sept. 18 referendum, in which Scots will decide whether to remain part of the U.K. or become an independent state. He was urging Scotland not to separate.

Bowie, 67, released The Last Day at midnight on his birthday last year -- his first album in 10 years -- without ever performing or appearing publicly. He had last won the best British male performer honor in 1984, before the annual awards show was called the BRITs.

His win on Wednesday made him the oldest winner of a BRIT Award in history. Previously, Wales' Tom Jones held that distinction after he won an honorary BRIT in 2003, at age 62.

Watch a clip of Bowie's win above.

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