Firefighters Sing 'Frozen's' 'Let It Go' to Save Girl Stuck in Elevator (Video)

The two Boston firemen launched into the Oscar-winning hit to calm a four-year-old last week.

Frozen in an elevator? Two Boston firefighters rescued a four-year-old girl who was stuck in a halted elevator last week by spontaneously singing the Oscar-winning track, "Let It Go."  

According to MyFox Boston, Kristen Kerr was headed for the hair salon with her daughter, Kaelyn, and infant son, Jackson, but the elevator to the second floor stopped midway. When firefighters came to the family's rescue, Kaelyn wouldn't move.

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It was only when firemen John Keough and Scott Myette, who are both fathers themselves, eased the tension by striking up a conversation about Frozen. As Keough was chatting about the characters, Myette pulled up the audio on his phone, and the two began singing "Let It Go" to Kaelyn, which calmed her enough to be carried up the ladder.

Watch the MyFox Boston news report on the rescue below: