Justin Timberlake Searches for Love via Hashtag in 'Not a Bad Thing' Video

The singer premiered the video -- calling for a real-life couple who got engaged on a train to the song -- on "Ellen" on Thursday.
"Not a Bad Thing"

Justin Timberlake premiered his music video for "Not a Bad Thing" on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday, but it's just the beginning.

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Though Timberlake himself never appears in the video, it shares the true story of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend a few weeks ago on a train to the 20/20 Experience song, explains Ellen Degeneres. "The video is actually a search for them." 

Two documentary filmmakers heard about a couple who got engaged on Jan 12, 2014, while heading to New York City on the Long Island Rail Road train. "They were so in love -- you almost never see that," says a voiceover in the video. "We don't know who these people are or what their story is, but maybe you do. We're making a documentary about finding love. Have you seen this couple?"

The video also features couples as talking heads, sharing their reflections on love, marriage and their relationships, as well as what they think of the couple.

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The documentarians are also shown flooding the NYC streets with flyers (with the hashtag #haveyouseenthiscouple), stopping by a radio interview and texting each other from borough to borough, with the messages showing up on the screen, House of Cards style.

The search is not without a few false leads, as they ask strangers and friends to help. The video ends with a "To Be Continued" title.

"Obviously, if you know this couple, contact us, because Justin is trying to find you and we'll put you all together," says Degeneres after the video's premiere.

Watch the video below:

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